1. We maintain a hand-sanitizing station for required patient use upon entry and exit.
2. All staff wear masks throughout the day.
3. Protective gowns over scrubs and hairnets are used during all restorative procedures.
4. High-volume ventilation is maintained throughout the day. As a result it is a tad bit “cool” in the office.
5. Clinical areas are cleaned with virucidal/bactericidal wipes before and after every procedure (including countertops, cabinets, chairs, glass, lights), with a 10 minute “resting” period before the next patient is seated.
6. We provide all patients a one-minute rinse with molecular iodine prior to treatment.
7. All handpieces are sterilized. Between each patient the water lines are irrigated with molecular iodine for one minute.
8. We use electric handpieces for all intraoral procedures. These produce exceedingly minimal aerosol which does not spread extra-orally because there is no compressed air.
9. We have installed a state-of-the-art certified upper airway sterilization system with UV-C light sterilization in each operatory.